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Export Customs Procedures

There are several basic steps that must be adhered to ensure your Company is ‘EXPORT READY’. There are several basic steps that must be adhered to ensure your Company is ‘EXPORT READY’. Before jumping ahead to export

Export Customs Procedures in Vietnam

In order to be able to conduct export business in Vietnam, a foreign investor must register with the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI). Additionally, foreign investors..

Export Customs Procedures in Thailand

Goods exported from Thailand require complete reporting to Customs and are subject to customs controls. Due to the automated nature of the e-Customs system, the export procedures..

Export Customs Procedures in Singapore

A step-by-step guide for Exporting from Singapore; Goods exporting from Singapore must be declared, even though there is no goods and service tax and duty levied. A certificate of origin, where..

Export Customs Procedures in Philippines

A step-by-step Export Procedures from Philippines – For first time exporters, there is a requirement to register with the Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) via the Philippine Exporters Confederation.

Export Customs Procedures in Malaysia

Step-by-step Export procedures in Malaysia – Some goods being exported from Malaysia may require a license. For goods which require a license, the Exporting entity must do a one-time registration with the concerned government agency..

Export Customs Procedures in Indonesia

The Exporters are required to register with Indonesia’s trade department to obtain a customs identification number (Nomor Identitas Kepabeanan, NIK). This is a personal identification number assigned by the..

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