Import Customs Procedures in Vietnam

Customs Procedures

Import Procedures

To import to Vietnam, you need to obtain an investment license and a business registration certificate from the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI). There is no separate import license in Vietnam – the investment license already allows you to import or export products Companies that wish to expand their current business operations in order to engage in import activities must follow the procedures for adjusting their Investment Certificates. Certain goods require the company to obtain import permits from the government. Companies that import goods must submit a dossier of documents to the customs authorities. The dossier must include at least the company’s business registration certificate and import business code registration certificate. 

Seven ministries and agencies are responsible for overseeing a system of minimum quality/performance standards for animal and plant protection, health safety, local network compatibility (in the case of telecommunications), money security, and cultural sensitivity. Goods that meet the minimum standards can be imported upon demand and in unlimited quantity and value.

For import customs clearance in Vietnam for cross-border trading, these are some of the main documents required, but not limited to;

  1. CIPL – Commercial invoice or Packing List
  2. International Shipping Documents – Bill of lading or air waybill 
  3. Certificate of origin (if requested)
  4. Release Order
  5. Import clearance/permit
  6. Inspection Report

Customs Classification

The classification of import and export goods must be based on:

  • Vietnam ’s Classification List of Import and Export Goods; 
  • Preferential Import Tariff Nomenclature; Export Tariff Nomenclature;
  • Six (6) general rules of HS Convention;
  • Obligatory explanatory notes of HS Convention;
  • Making references to supplementary explanatory notes of ASEAN Harmonised Tariff
  • Nomenclature and detailed explanatory notes of the Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System (HS).

Nominating a Freight Forwarder/Agency to deal with import customs clearance in Philippines is highly recommended.

Please consult the webpage of Vietnam Customs for more information.

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